Things change, but yet they don’t. A Christian group called Columbia Christians For Life sent out the alert. God punished New Orleans with a killer fetus seeking revenge for the abortion clinics in the area. Albeit laughable, yet an eerie reminder of just how far we’ve not come in nearly 300 years. No less strange […]

Hey you, I send you kisses.I send you my mouth –full of a fine dry Italian wine.The oak perfume lingers around our lips touching, while tongues search soft insides of petals and stems.I send you the heavy air from my lungs,full of bright red blood, as I write dull black lineson a scrap of tree […]

And I thought my life was in a piss pot. Will you marry me Bill? I love you so and always will. Cut the crap, idiot. Talking to myself,I wallow in a syzygy of self-loathing – my inability to do things, like fix the muffler on my car or the hole in my roof or […]

Friday – September 2, 2005 Prayer – I do it. Money – I donate it. The suffering goes on… People dying at the convention center – Patients need to be evacuated IMMEDIATELY Bodies floating in the water: This is somebody’s mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, son, daughter – The smell gags. UNO […]

OK, I never supported going to war in Iraq…NEVER. Yet even with proof that this war was totally unnecessary, people are still blind to the elephant in the room. Greed. I have a birthright to back my opinion. This birthright is planted firmly in the soil of this country called the United States of America. […]