Wacko Writer at the Daily Mail

Writers like A. N. Wilson at the Daily Mail use psycho-babble to confuse readers. The smarmy writing with over-kill phrases like “orgy of saccharine” or “artificially whipped-up sentiment” pepper a piece that makes mincemeat out of critical thinking, mainly with the false assumption that large shows of grief must be fake.

Says who: a writer who compares a beloved pop star to a crafty politician and a beautiful princess? The only thing these people have in common is this writer trying to connect their memorials with crazy dots.

The reality is this: millions truly mourn Michael Jackson (not fake mourn).

Although managers and promoters can be cagey and ruthless at times, even talented Frank Dileo and (Euro) AEG execs can’t invent heartfelt grief. Get real.

The cheapest shot by Wilson is mentioning Michael as “possibly” a child molester. Gossip-mongers like Wilson propagate slander and innuendo in an attempt to appear all-knowing, and in this case, pretend to know more than a jury of non-fans who carefully deliberated over the facts and found Michael innocent.

But I guess since Wilson, the expert on “gentlemen,” has also “possibly” studied the facts and feels justified to malign the memory of a star—a star that suffered as much by his own gloved hand as by the hand of any hack writer at the Daily Mail.

So, for those of you who don’t care about the passing of an iconic performer–so what? Don’t watch and don’t participate. The millions of us who do mourn Michael will not miss you.

Timeless Michael Jackson


  1. Thank you! I was upset by the article. That writer is jealous of Michael. He is a lowlife and has negative talent, the article reveal his true personality.

    That writer shows how poor knowledge he has!

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