“There is still time…brother.” So says the Preacher from On The Beach, trying to save those last few souls before the radiation sends them into oblivion or heaven or hell or whatever. (Kramer/Shute)
I’m watching the last 20 minutes of the 1959 movie on Showtime while channel surfing. (Cue creepy twilight-zone music). Synchronicity – Anthony Perkins is so young, so much to live for…sigh.
I’ve been told that at the time most theatre goers had goosebumps at the sight of human-less cities.
On a lighter note, the world didn’t end today, did it?
My Dog…

…who is sprawled out next to me on the couch and dreaming a doggie-running-after-the squirrel dream, just let out a lethal fart. Time to seek an antidote or DIE!!!!!

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