1. Hello Dear ONE, I am just too over whelmed by what I have learned. I don’t know you but I am very fond of you because you married the Man that I once knew and Played music with during his time before armed services and after. I knew John Sellen and he became my teacher of music. I was searching for him to thank him for my life time of music and I found you and your life with your lovely daughters. Last night I sent an email to the Jewelry business not knowing the circumstances. But now I am aware of a once young lad that was developing into wonderful asset to our lives. I am 87 yrs old and still catching up for lost time and friends. I still play guitar and
    the piano and study just because I knew Roger and John Sellen they gave me a life time of enjoyment that still lives on in music. Thank for taking care of my ole friend he needed you. Good
    bye and thank you for this web site, I shall be back. Allen Thompson Sparks Nevada and just in case iwishuwell3@aol.com

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