The ghost line flickers in the new dawn.
The blue-tipped flame melts
the wax edge, and the goo of myself
oozes into a pool of a dream
that one, like me can

dream of that one cooling the heat
of blood boiling in my veins of cooked sorrow,
healing seared love burned by arteries of hate.
The lines are long. The lines snake
around the y + x. The spiral crow
flies through airwaves of primordial mud,
spitting, sputtering, spewing, birthing
lines and lines of descent, ions in the making.

I dream of genes flowing from body to body;
nights of kisses, nights of release,
nights of smelly, smouldering sex.
The apple in the eye of
millions of fathers and millions of mothers
survives eyes of storms, shifting
sands, whirlwind seas, epic ghost stories

that one after another all suffer, bleed, orgasm,
die one after another. The lines do not
end. The lines eat and grow and
travel across seas, over mountains
dodging bullets, and germs and rabid
ideas that consume energy, resources,
and good news. That one ghostly
sense of lively purpose lingers, thrives.

Myself, I live in the snake-eee line of descent.
Righteous Mumbo and Holy Jumbo
now back where they belong, next to
that one singular thought: We,
and the ghosts who live

are that one, the one
and the same,
and only one.


* In Homage to Barack H. Obama & His Family. Pictured with Barack is his maternal Grandparents, Stanley & Madelyn Dunham.

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