Years have past and still you are gone, Yet in my heart,  you linger on. My mind plays tricks: your phone is dead, Mail got lost, your car repossessed. You took a trip, forgot to call. You got amnesia from a fall. That’s not your name engraved on stone. There must be more to you […]

1 thing leads 2 another. At 1st, I was turned off by E. B. White’s title, Death of a Pig, & was determined not to read it. Sometimes I can’t take much gore. But, I couldn’t help myself, I read White’s story. I thought it was going to be about slaughtering a pig, but instead, […]

Gust – the whipping windwraps lovingly around dieing limbs, releasing life from the bondage oflimbo, a pale place betweenalive and not quite dead. Others not ready to die – die anywaycracked in two. The splintered shards stabat the free air.The radar rumblings kick dogs in the rear, liftspirits out of a deep slumber.Taken sand swirls […]

Hey you, I send you kisses.I send you my mouth –full of a fine dry Italian wine.The oak perfume lingers around our lips touching, while tongues search soft insides of petals and stems.I send you the heavy air from my lungs,full of bright red blood, as I write dull black lineson a scrap of tree […]