Hellooo! I’m tired of doom and gloom. What I want to know is will we still have pocketbooks in the New World Order, and will they be called pocketbooks? Pocketbook is what my mother called hers. As an English descendant of Mayflower ancestry, my mother harbored English ways albeit filtered down through 300 years of ancestry in the New Colonies, calling strangers “mum” and never going anywhere without her “pocketbook,” just like the Queen. And we ate lots of peas….

The New World Order is off to a bloody good start. Apparently, the Queen thoroughly enjoyed her visit with the Obamas. Royal-watchers took careful note of the positioning of the Queen’s purse. “It’s always with her, and, when pointed at certain angles, it’s said to signal to her attendants that she can’t wait to escape from the frightful bores in her company. The purse rested in the crook of the Queen’s left arm, which means that she’s happy and relaxed with her guests.”

Michelle Obama notably lacks a pocketbook of any size or shape. Our excellent First Lady must signal her minions with her long eye lashes and since she towers over all in the room, I feel sure they will catch her signal.

Does this mean the future will be pocketbook free? Maybe. But if the formidable Queen has her way, the pocketbook will survive the New World Order. The Queen knows. Women will always need their signals, and their lipstick and their powder and their iPods. And that’s the good news.

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