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The Mother Tree of Life – Kihei, HI

I am a tree–felled by ax, thunder storms or bad ideas.

Mainly boys, carve into my bark. Ouch!

Don’t they know I bleed?

The uncut tree numbers are less each year,

leaving no bark to carve.

The shade is disappearing.

So, plant me in a well-stocked sub or pod

with all the tress I love and we will float away.


Like a lotus–opening….


WARNING! The following text uses improper punctuation, bad English and useless metaphors, and should not reflect on the writer’s ability to write well.

I really, really shouldn’t watch TV, especially cable news. The Big Bang Theory is laughable, House, oh House is gone, Weeds lost me two seasons ago, but I missed a lot of TV over the last couple years. Long story.

To: TV Network Shareholders, CEOs et al

From: Me. I find the Drug Company ads scary, offensive and possibly an attempt to induce subliminal messages to not even the sub-conscious part of our brain, but to the awake brain. Regardless, who wants to hear words like diarrhea or suicide or renal failure in the same sentence?

And, the political Super PAC Ads are misleading, generally amateurish and just plain annoying. How much did that ad cost? Isn’t the treasury gone? What’s left to grab? Redundant? You betcha!

Lately, life has been one big pain for me, and many others I know.

And, since this is a blog and not an academic paper I can insert hyperbole at will with a Huzzah or saturate this entry with quotations, alliterations, fragments and all the gd-dmn elipsae I please… … … … … … .

Anyway, Cable News finally FRIED my brain.

I knew this addiction would get me in the end. Now there are video war games that look and sound real, but in 1990 I watched a “live war”–the prequel to the decades of real war to follow. What was I thinking? It just seemed cool in a weird sort of SHOCKING way that this war, the first Iraq war in 1990 was live on the “new” satellite TV.

And, the “new” company that brought this war into my living room, my kitchen, my bedroom…was CNN—created by Ted Turner in 1980. That’s a longer, bigger story.

But why did my head explode? From sheer disbelief and disgust at the amount of crap on cable news. Most of FOX news is truly nauseating, but on CNN, in less than one hour tonight, I listened to an interview with Dan Rather and Jack Welch. Dan thinks the 2012 Presidential Election will bust another bank and sink our glorious nation. I like Dan Rather, but come on…is he kidding? Did he have his head in a bubble during the 1968 election?

And heeerrre’s Jack!  “Private equity creates quality jobs.” What quality jobs? Where’s all my (our) money?

What a world, ooohh what a world; I’ll getchyou my pretty.

Politics was my sport, my game and at times a passion. Then my husband died.  And, so much of this seems meaningless to me now. I guess I’ll stop watching cable news…for the sake of what’s left of (my) head.

Hey ho…


As I watch all the political hype and tears (on both sides) the day after an election that will spell total gridlock for yet another two years…

(Is John Boehner crying because of people suffering and dying in senseless wars–or is it more likely he’s relieved that he can now pay back the $50 million he pledged for ads in this midterm election?)

I am amazed and appalled at the total lack of discussion about the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, as it is ALWAYS on the proverbial budget table to cut social services, there has NEVER (and I mean never in my lifetime) been any meaningful, substantial discussion about cutting the cost of the humongous U.S. war machine.

The answer is obvious. The people who are not making any of the $48 BILLION do not have a voice.

Where the money flows:

Unidentified Foreign Entities $20,435,870,190
1 KBR Inc (formerly known as Kellogg Brown and Root) $16,059,282,020
2 DynCorp International (Veritas Capital) $1,838,156,100
3 Washington Group International Inc $1,044,686,850
4 IAP Worldwide Services Inc (Cerberus Capital Management LP) $901,973,910
5 Environmental Chemical Corp $899,701,070
6 L-3 Communications Holdings Inc $853,535,680
7 Fluor Corp $736,853,200
8 Perini Corp $720,859,110
9 Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) $617,089,510
10 Parsons Corp $579,265,450
11 First Kuwaiti General Trading And Contracting Company Wll $495,404,500
12 Blackwater USA $485,149,590



It’s been ten long years since my visit to Cuba. Con Cuban Street Crop

At that time, I wrote about the recording studio, Abdala, for EQ Magazine and fully expected to return soon to continue my love affair with the island, the music, and the people, but historical events botched my plans; in particular, the selection the following year of Bush and friends in D.C. and their allies in South Florida. Couple this with the strangle-hold Castro & friends have on free speech on the island and what is left is an escalation of anger and embargo policies.

These different factions closed all doors leading in and out of Cuba for citizens of the United States. Imagine. My passport does not let me go everywhere anymore—at least not without incurring the wrath of my government. Depressing. And sounds a lot like a communist country. The irony. An island a mere 90 miles from my house in South Florida is off limits.

But today, I see a ray of hope, and once again music leads the way. I watched John Denver open up closed doors in Russia in 1984 and in Havana, Cuba earlier today, Juanes, an award winning fusion rock singer/songwriter orchestrated a Paz Sin Fronteras Concert, in spite of threats from the usual suspects in South Florida—Cuban Americans who think only of revenge and retribution—not the way forward in any relationship I’ve been in.

In Che’s Revolution Square, where I stood practically alone with my daughter a decade ago, a sea of people (over 700,000) congregated to watch Juanes and friends.
Juanes Concert

And from the live feed on NBC, I could feel the joy of the long suffering people of Cuba as they exploded into song. May this be another stepping stone on the path to reconciliation between the U.S. and Cuba. I know so many Cubans on the island and in Miami that want this.

As an outsider looking in, it feels like the anger of this Cuban Civil War should have been diffused a long time ago. My own U.S. Civil War still rages on in some ways, so maybe I’m just a Pollyana. But it seems to me that if the Cubans in Miami had truly wanted to get rid of Castro they would have kept the dialogue and the doors open. Culture and human nature would have taken care of him.

But the Miami group that desires revenge and retribution on an entire island of people, who mostly had nothing to do with any of this disaster, except for their accident of birth, perpetuates a failed policy that has led to the misery of 11 million people who in many ways endure their suffering as a badge of martyrdom: the “Us Against the World” type of martyrdom.

I will never forget the college-educated Cuban girl I interviewed for my article who candidly told me off-tape in a resolute tone that she foresaw “no hope” for things ever changing for the better in Cuba. Heartbreaking. At the time, I believed her wrong, but thus far, she has been right. And things got a lot worse soon after.

I don’t presume to know how it feels to lose your home and your loved one, only to watch the villains of this crime (Castro & friends) go unpunished, and continue to survive and somewhat thrive. It must be miserable beyond words. But how does punishing an entire nation of mostly innocents fix any of this pain? Embargoes don’t work. Pain begets pain. La paz genera paz.

Thank you Juanes and friends for this concert—so nice to see Los Van Van once again. In 1999, angry Miami Cubans pelted me with cans as I entered a theatre to hear a Los Van Van Concert. As a musician, I refuse to let any one group tell me what music I can listen to. In my life, music trumps politics, especially failed politics.

Time will tell if things can really change, but maybe through new efforts and new policies, especially those of our new President Obama, one day I will get to return to Cuba and resume my quest to explore the island in the flesh, instead of in my mind.
Juanes' Paz Sin Fronteras



Hellooo! I’m tired of doom and gloom. What I want to know is will we still have pocketbooks in the New World Order, and will they be called pocketbooks? Pocketbook is what my mother called hers. As an English descendant of Mayflower ancestry, my mother harbored English ways albeit filtered down through 300 years of ancestry in the New Colonies, calling strangers “mum” and never going anywhere without her “pocketbook,” just like the Queen. And we ate lots of peas….

The New World Order is off to a bloody good start. Apparently, the Queen thoroughly enjoyed her visit with the Obamas. Royal-watchers took careful note of the positioning of the Queen’s purse. “It’s always with her, and, when pointed at certain angles, it’s said to signal to her attendants that she can’t wait to escape from the frightful bores in her company. The purse rested in the crook of the Queen’s left arm, which means that she’s happy and relaxed with her guests.”

Michelle Obama notably lacks a pocketbook of any size or shape. Our excellent First Lady must signal her minions with her long eye lashes and since she towers over all in the room, I feel sure they will catch her signal.

Does this mean the future will be pocketbook free? Maybe. But if the formidable Queen has her way, the pocketbook will survive the New World Order. The Queen knows. Women will always need their signals, and their lipstick and their powder and their iPods. And that’s the good news.

Lift the Travel Ban To Cuba

Big news! We now have legislation in the House of Representatives calling for an end to the travel ban on Cuba for all Americans. “Travel for All” instead of “Travel for None” or even “Travel for Some.” Take action now: ask your representative to co-sponsor H.R. 874. The purpose of H.R. 874 is “To allow travel between the United States and Cuba” – but the most important thing to remember about it is that it will allow travel for all Americans, no exclusions.  It was introduced by Representatives Bill Delahunt (D-MA) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ), along with a short list of original co-sponsors. See the list of co-sponsors below.

Email your representative today.

Capitol Switchboard number: (202) 224-3121 or find your representative’s number on their website.

The message: Please co-sponsor H.R. 874, the Delahunt-Flake bill “To allow travel between the United States and Cuba.”

This bill introduced by Rep. Delahunt (D-MA) and Rep. Flake (R-AZ) calls for lifting travel restrictions to Cuba for ALL Americans, restoring our right as citizens of the United States to travel freely, and takes a giant step toward restoring our country’s reputation in Latin America and the world.

[If they ask . . . ] The current co-sponsors are:

Rep. Delahunt, Bill [MA-10]
Rep. Flake, Jeff [AZ-6]
Rep DeLauro, Rosa L. [CT-3] – 2/4/2009
Rep Edwards, Donna F. [MD-4] – 2/4/2009
Rep Emerson, Jo Ann [MO-8] – 2/4/2009
Rep Farr, Sam [CA-17] – 2/4/2009
Rep McGovern, James P. [MA-3] – 2/4/2009
Rep Moran, Jerry [KS-1] – 2/4/2009
Rep Paul, Ron [TX-14] – 2/4/2009

Thank you for your support in ending this inhumane and out-dated travel ban. To co-sponsor H.R. 874 please contact either Cliff Stammerman in Rep. Delahunt’s office or Chandler Morse in Rep. Flake’s office.