4 thoughts on “John & Connie on The Tonight Show

  1. And here, it took the power of the Internets and You’seTube, to finally figure out who the honey-voiced blonde was that JD had the good fortune to backup sing for….>:-P

    My name is Paul, Connie, and I’m deeply honored to finally find you, when I wuzzn’t even lookin’!


    If ever yer in Denver, my lil folk duo/trio (we’re kinda *bi* sectional….!!!) would be honored if you sand a song or two with us!

    Here’s to the the spirit of peace and love that John’s music still carries in it!

  2. Well, tanks! I’m sure you’ve a busy life but am glad you know there are
    those of us who apprecaite the work you did w/ JD. As for the blog..well,
    it’ll soon be better given my trio is *FINALLY* heading into the studio to
    lay down a CD! If you’re interested, I’ll be happy to send you a copy when
    its done!

    All my best, And someday I’d be honoredif you sung a tune or two with me!!

    Harry W

  3. Well, I’ll letcha off *juuust* this once, Connie..;)

    If you’d like a copy of our humble CD, let me know where to send it, and I shall..even *autographed*…wooHOO.



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