WARNING! The following text uses improper punctuation, bad English and useless metaphors, and should not reflect on the writer’s ability to write well.

I really, really shouldn’t watch TV, especially cable news. The Big Bang Theory is laughable, House, oh House is gone, Weeds lost me two seasons ago, but I missed a lot of TV over the last couple years. Long story.

To: TV Network Shareholders, CEOs et al

From: Me. I find the Drug Company ads scary, offensive and possibly an attempt to induce subliminal messages to not even the sub-conscious part of our brain, but to the awake brain. Regardless, who wants to hear words like diarrhea or suicide or renal failure in the same sentence?

And, the political Super PAC Ads are misleading, generally amateurish and just plain annoying. How much did that ad cost? Isn’t the treasury gone? What’s left to grab? Redundant? You betcha!

Lately, life has been one big pain for me, and many others I know.

And, since this is a blog and not an academic paper I can insert hyperbole at will with a Huzzah or saturate this entry with quotations, alliterations, fragments and all the gd-dmn elipsae I please… … … … … … .

Anyway, Cable News finally FRIED my brain.

I knew this addiction would get me in the end. Now there are video war games that look and sound real, but in 1990 I watched a “live war”–the prequel to the decades of real war to follow. What was I thinking? It just seemed cool in a weird sort of SHOCKING way that this war, the first Iraq war in 1990 was live on the “new” satellite TV.

And, the “new” company that brought this war into my living room, my kitchen, my bedroom…was CNN—created by Ted Turner in 1980. That’s a longer, bigger story.

But why did my head explode? From sheer disbelief and disgust at the amount of crap on cable news. Most of FOX news is truly nauseating, but on CNN, in less than one hour tonight, I listened to an interview with Dan Rather and Jack Welch. Dan thinks the 2012 Presidential Election will bust another bank and sink our glorious nation. I like Dan Rather, but come on…is he kidding? Did he have his head in a bubble during the 1968 election?

And heeerrre’s Jack!  “Private equity creates quality jobs.” What quality jobs? Where’s all my (our) money?

What a world, ooohh what a world; I’ll getchyou my pretty.

Politics was my sport, my game and at times a passion. Then my husband died.  And, so much of this seems meaningless to me now. I guess I’ll stop watching cable news…for the sake of what’s left of (my) head.

Hey ho…

3 thoughts on “MY HEAD IS EXPLODING!

  1. Don’t do it!!!! Keep watching!!!! Things will get better!!!! I have to remember that it’s all just a game….and…no matter what you think your chances of making a real impact on things is almost nil. And the thing I get by reading two newspapers a day is the world is full of big and little tragedies…you cannot care about them all…but I still try….LOL…and obviously you do too!!!! So there!!!

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