Vagina: The Mother Tree of Life – Kihei, HI

Don’t get your socks all in a bunch. They are only words, right?

I am a tree–felled by ax, thunder storms or bad ideas.

Mainly boys, carve into my bark. Ouch!

Don’t they know I bleed?

The uncut tree numbers are less each year,

leaving no bark to carve.

The shade is disappearing.

So, I will plant me in a well-stocked sub or pod

with all the tress I love and we will float away.


Like a lotus–opening….

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  1. I find your illustrated commentary a refreshing burst of candor in a sadly uptight world. I notice that so far people appear to be afraid to comment on facebook, seeing that as of this blog posting I am the only one over on fb. Compare that to the response to your fb posts of pictures of Charlie the cute doggie, or your fb self-portrait of just a few hours ago! We are dealing with a generational paradigm shift here, and we all need to start talking honestly with each other about the subjects that we shy away from, because as I see it this is how we get a chance to learn.

    The political sideshow around this “vaginagate” is possibly more instructive than the event itself.

    The quote from Freud, “Anatomy is destiny,” may come into play here. At some point the fear of the “other” needs to morph into what I interpret as the celebration of the great mystery inherent in the classic French phrase, “Vive la difference!”

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